Corporate Finance Lawyer

I advise companies, investors and financial institutions on transactions at every point in the private company lifecycle. I have clients who are just starting out, or who invest at that stage; and I work with founders looking to exit through sale or IPO and the late-stage investors, acquirors and financial institutions involved in those deals.

I have always been interested in tech, and enjoy working with entrepreneurs who are trying to solve problems and the investors who are backing them to do it. I also often advise on how the law is dealing with the development of new tech.

I understand the funding squeeze in the early days of a startup's life, and I'm prepared to invest time getting to know a company and its founders so that I can find the most cost-efficient ways of addressing their legal issues.

Writing, Presenting, Mentoring

I write articles that are intended to give entrepreneurs and new investors some insight into the corporate finance process. I don't talk about what's reasonable or what a founder should or shouldn't accept - I focus on the process, trying to equip readers for what they might see so that they can form their own views.

I also give presentations on topics to audiences of entrepreneurs and investors, including a semi-regular overview course for startups at General Assembly. When I have time, I run drop-in advice sessions.

I am a regular at the London chapter of Startup Grind. I mentor with the Google Launchpad and Virgin Startup programmes, as well as "unofficially".

At Home

I mostly spend time with my wife and two young sons, which keeps me thoroughly occupied and has honed my Lego-building skills to a frankly unnecessary level. I like to watch sport and play games (and am trying to get the kids into both).

I am an early adopter, unsurprisingly, so can often be found tinkering with a new service or product to see what it can do. I also enjoy taking on small "DIY" projects, both on- and off-line, then regretting it, then being glad I did. Usually.