Use of Articles

This page contains links to various content that I have delivered, either written or as a presentation, filed by series. The law was accurate when I wrote the article or gave the presentation - things may have moved on. For my most current writing, my Medium page is where to go.

Much of this has been presented in a variety of formats, including as articles, blogs, presentations and workshops. Please do feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss content of this sort, in any format.

Unless otherwise noted, clicking on the title will open the article in pdf format.

Digital Contracts

I have given a variety of presentations on the development of contract law, and in particular the risks for founders, in the wake of the way we use various electronic media. Cases discussed include Spreadex vs. Cochrane, Golden Ocean vs. SMI and Augstein vs. Leslie.

Cogs in the Machine

A series of articles aimed at founders of high-growth businesses, discussing typical venture capital-driven provisions and how they work. Originally published in Entrepreneur Country Magazine, also collected into a booklet. I have some copies of the booklet available.

Basic Rules for Entrepreneurs

A series of articles aimed at early-stage founders, providing fundamental rules for the conduct of their businesses until such time as they take on proper external legal advice. Originally published in Entrepreneur Country Magazine. Again, there is a booklet of these articles and I have a few copies remaining.

Much of this material was presented under the title "Keep the Engine Running: Basic Legal Rules of the Road". (Originally given at "Turbo Charge Your Business" at the Royal Institution, February 2012)

Reading Between the Lines

A presentation on the way that the law will deal with contracts that have the wrong names, missing timetables and broad discretions. Discusses Derek Hodd vs Climate Change Capital, Liberty Mercian vs Cuddy, Wuhan Ocean vs Nantong Huigang and Mid Essex Hospital Trust vs Compass Group. (Originally given at "Palo Alto Goes Global" at the Royal Institution, September 2013 (video))